Company Profile:
As Ozgenc Firca we manufacture and supply brooms, brushes, brushes for machine, carpet cleaning brushes, carpet washing brushes, concrete brushes, cylinder brushes, emery wheels, kerb brushes, machinery brushes, panel cleaning brushes, printing machine brushes, steel brushes, steel wire brushes, broom, brush, brush for machine, carpet cleaning brush, carpet washing brush, concrete brush, cylinder brush, emery wheel, kerb brush, machinery brush, panel cleaning brush, printing machine brush, steel brush, steel wire brush, cleaning brushes, cleaning brush, washing brush, washing brushes, under door brush, under door brushes, vacuum cleaner brush, vacuum cleaner brushes, marble brush, marble brushes, glass cleaner brush, glass cleaner brushes, sandpaper, sandpapers, machine brush, machine brushes, cable landing brush, cablse landing brushes, mat brush, mat brushes, wire brush, wire brushes... Ozgenc Firca is one of the leading companies in brush industry with its wide range of products and factory which is located on 1000 m2 closed area. Our company has got 30 years experience in this industry. Company deals with other firms which operates in any kind of industries.

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Tax Office: Bayrampaşa  Tax Number: 6910253525  Staff Count: 6-10  Export Specialist: Coşkun ÖZGENÇ